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What Is Organization Simple Definition

Organization vs egocentric. Companies naturally want employees to focus on their work and improve their productivity. Workers, on the other hand, want to focus on themselves and improve. Many organizations support self-improvement as long as it has a clear benefit to the organization, but employees often want to focus on their own improvement, even if that improvement has no benefit to the organization or may cause the employee to find a new organization. Louis Allen, “Organization is the process of identifying and consolidating the work to be done, defining and delegating responsibility and authority, and building relationships to enable people to work together as effectively as possible to achieve goals.” In Allen`s words, organization is a tool for achieving organizational goals. Each person`s work is defined and authority and responsibility are established to achieve it. It refers to senior management, who have the ultimate responsibility for leading the organization to its mission and objectives. For example, a company`s board of directors, CEO and vice presidents would be the strategic highlight, primarily accountable to the company`s various stakeholders. Therefore, it could be a big challenge when it comes to leading, managing or improving an organization. Fortunately, there are some things that are common to all types of organizations – because they are all systems.

(We`ll learn more about systems later in this series of articles. A medium-sized retail business, a business run by an aggressive entrepreneur, a government run by an autocratic politician, etc. are examples of a simple structure. The key element of this type of structure is the strategic summit, which seeks to centralize and control. Different departments within an organization control certain forms of standardization in the organization. For example, the inspection service checks the quality of the inputs, process and final output. The human resources department controls the quality of the workforce based on their knowledge, expertise, skills and hiring standards, while the design department specifies and standardizes product dimensions, processes, etc. This is the purpose of analyzing the purpose of the organization`s existence. This is the goal of the organization. Once this is known, the manager can find the activities necessary to achieve the desired goals and group them into a sequence, entrusting each department to an appropriate and competent person, and delegating authority so that everyone works to achieve the desired goal. An organization is influenced by many external and internal factors. External factors are politics, the economy of the country and legal rules and regulations; while internal factors include an organization`s plans, objectives, and policies.

Internal factors can be controlled by an organization; However, external factors are beyond the control of the organization. An organization needs constant caution and adaptability to deal effectively with situations that arise due to such factors. Organizations have many goals, but it is useful to clarify these goals in a simple typology (classification into ordered categories). Edward Gross studied the different types of business goals and created a simple typology consisting of five different goals that organizations have: production, adaptation, management, motivation, and position. Gross, E. (1969). The definition of business objectives. The British Journal of Sociology, 20, 277-294. The first and most important step in the organization is to estimate and determine the overall activity required to achieve the organization`s objectives. For example, the overall activities of a manufacturing organization include the acquisition of materials, the conversion of materials into finished products, the identification and use of human resources, the organization of finances, the marketing and sale of goods, the guarantee of quality, the generation of yields, etc. The last characteristic common to the different definitions of the word “organization” concerns individuals. In Jason Wrench`s original discussion of the three common themes related to people, he discussed interdependence, interaction, and leadership.

Wrench, J. S. (in press). Communication in the Modern Workplace: Challenges and Opportunities. In J. S. Wrench (ed.), Workplace communication for the 21st century: Tools and strategies that impact the bottom line: Vol. 1. Internal communication in the workplace. Santa Barbara, California: Praeger. For our purposes, we also present the concept of control as an important factor in relation to people.

Our interactions with others help define and create what an organization is. Without the interactions we have with our employees, customers, and other stakeholders, an organization doesn`t really exist. For this reason, we can almost say that the “thing” we call an organization does not really exist because it is not a physical structure, but an organization that is the result of our interactions with others. An organization may contain physical things (desks, computers, pencils, etc.), but the actual organization is ultimately the people who exist. The second type of organization is the organization of companies, which focuses on profitability for the organization and its stakeholders, which focuses on being good for the organization itself. According to Blau and Scott, “the dominant issue of business concerns is that of operational efficiency – achieving maximum profit at minimal cost to promote survival and growth in competition with other organizations.” Blau, P.M., & Scott, W. R. (1962). Formal organizations: a comparative approach.

San Francisco: Chandler, 49. Most for-profit organizations will fall into organizing business concerns. Companies face issues associated with “maximizing operational efficiency in a competitive situation.” Blau, P.M., & Scott, W. R. (1962). Formal organizations: a comparative approach. San Francisco: Chandler, p. 43. Due to the need to reduce costs and maintain a competitive advantage, these organizations are often cold and silent in how they treat their members and customers. The actions of the players involved were not something that should be part of a football game, our players, coaches and everyone in the Pittsburgh Steelers organization understand that we must always keep our cool no matter what. Once a person has been held accountable for performing work and given the appropriate authority, they decide what kind of decisions to make to perform the work of the organization.

It must also see where and at what level these decisions should be made and how each manager should be involved in them. In other words, this analysis will help managers improve the organization`s decision-making levels. Transparency vs privacy. In today`s world, companies increasingly want to know what workers are doing in the workplace. Therefore, companies expect employees` work lives to be completely seamless and do everything from monitoring emails and phone calls to installing software on employees` computers that records and monitors keystrokes. On the other hand, workers are increasingly demanding that there be some degree of privacy, especially in their digital lives. The simple truth is that this is a political issue, and it has the potential to fuel even more divisions than we already have in our public schools, where we represent families from very different political backgrounds, if families or individual communities want to take political positions for their personal beliefs, we believe they should do so and we will support them to the end. But implementing a policy in support of a political organization is reckless and is not the goal of our public schools. She assured us that this was an isolated case.

However, we are still investigating the facts. As an organization, we take domestic violence issues very seriously and ensure that this issue is fully and properly addressed. After reading this laundry list with different definitions of the word “organization,” you may be wondering how to determine which one is best? Well, to be honest – we think they all have something to offer.. .

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